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Break Free: Releasing the Chains that Bind You
Ready for your breakthrough? Once you embark on this weekend retreat in the sacred Joshua Tree desert, your life will never be the same.

Join us September 13-15, 2019 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Break Free in Joshua Tree
This retreat is intended for people who are ready to move through whatever is stopping them from living the life they are meant to live. Through guidance from psychic readings, astrology readings and grounded, transformational yoga & meditation practices, you’ll gain insights that will forever shape your life and leave you feeling more powerful than ever before!
Your Retreat Guides
Psychic Medium Chris Medina
Chris Medina provides spiritual and metaphysical services for those in need of spiritual guidance. His unique approach is what sets us apart from those looking to cash in on another's misfortune or naivete. He believes everyone has a purpose in life, and his purpose is to help those in need to obtain and reach their souls purpose. “I hope that people feel empowered by my insight. My goal is to help each individual uncover their true self.” Listen to his podcast - “In Your Head With Chris Medina.” 

Earth Ways Yoga Founder Kate Mulheron
Kate has walked a complex life of different layers of healing she has had to embrace. Over the last 25 years, Kate has practiced many styles of yoga as a vehicle to support her healing and evolution including training with Ana Forrest and working with Mother Nature with Trudy Welty. From this Earth Ways Yoga began which builds the bridge between Mother Nature and the human experience through yoga, meditation and ritual. 
Kate provides a sacred space and tools to help her clients facilitate their own healing processes.

Astrologer Michelle Prentiss
 Michelle Prentiss is a a 2nd generation Astrologer, Intuitive reader, Reiki Healer and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her focus is Holistic Wellness Astrology combined with intuitive guidance. Michelle has held an Astrological practice for over 20 years. Her wish is to create a reading experience that uplifts and supports my clients

Event Organizer - Sara Fruman
 Sara Fruman's always been obsessed with digging deep, and she's worked in the yoga/self-improvement space for the bulk of her career. She's taken Kate's class for 5+ years, and continuously seeks guidance from Chris & Michelle's metaphysical expertise. Sara cannot wait to help facilitate your transformation to break free to everything that is binding you so you can become empowered to live the life you are meant to live!

What you'll get
>> One on one psychic medium readings for all guests.
>> One on one astrology readings for all guests.
>> Yoga, meditation & honoring of the 7 directions.
>> Full moon hike, pop astrology readings, intention candle making & other group activities.
>> Vegetarian meals.
>> 2 nights stay in Joshua Tree Retreat Center.
>> Spiritual gift bag.

(Transportation, not included)
Stay at joshua Tree retreat center
The Joshua Tree Retreat Center, home of the Institute of Mentalphysics, is the oldest and largest retreat center in the Western United States. As a non-profit 501c3, it is their mission is to be a retreat center for individuals and groups to create and experience new ways to approach spiritual living and personal well-being. They are raising funds to improve the property and the restoration of the largest collection of Lloyd Wright buildings in the country that grace the property and house our retreats. In addition, they are in the process of digitizing and publishing the ancient Tibetan teachings given to Ding Le Mei during his extraordinary life.

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